Wyatt Kahn

Born in New York City in 1983, Wyatt Kahn graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago with a Bachelors of Fine Art in 2006 and later earned a Masters in Fine Art from Hunter College in New York in 2012.

Despite his relatively new career, Kahn boasts an impressive resume with awards, press, and exhibitions to rival many. So what is it about Kahn that attracts such attention? What does his work showcase and how does it strike an interest in so many?

As a canvas sculptor, Kahn is inventive. Where other artists may see a blank canvas, he sees complexity. Kahn’s abstract canvas sculptures are reminiscent of a kaleidoscope without color, relying only on the complexity of shape and structure to create beauty in unexpected ways.

Kahn makes use of negative space between the fractured shapes, and incorporates the walls around him into his work as well to create an even greater dynamic between art and its juxtaposition with the space it occupies.

His canvases are unprimed, and cut into pieces, only to be rearranged and joined together again. Lines that would otherwise not exist, create depth.

In this way, Kahn allows color to come in where otherwise it might not exist. The canvas and its backdrop are able to compliment one another in new and unexpected ways. The color, comes from a place beyond the surface, creating dimension and beauty that is complex and multidimensional.

Kahn considers his work to not simply fall into the category of traditional painting, but rather as art that a blend sculpture and painting. Recently, he has begun to experiment with adding colors, muted by a thin layer of stretched canvas to add even more dimension to his work.

To the observer, this muted color can be thought of in two ways: as the color underneath the surface, waiting to break free or vying to remain unseen, or as the color on the surface, muted instead by what’s underneath. To Kahn, it is the former. It is the color just below the surface that ultimately comes from within.

2014 was a busy year for Kahn, who was featured in several solo and selected group exhibitions. Watch for Kahn in 2015, as he has a solo exhibition at the Contemporary Art Museum in St. Louis, Missouri. With so much accomplished in such a short time, his work continues to evolve in ways yet unimagined.

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