Oresegun Olumide

Oresegun Olumide

Art is subjective. You can ask any dozen people to describe their favorite artwork and you’ll likely get a dozen different predilections. From modern art, to classical Greco-Roman styles, to surrealism and everything in-between, people identify with a different forms of art.

Some art, however, supersedes style with its stunning mastery of technique. Regardless of a viewer’s style preference, one cannot deny the skill of a great artist.
In a modern example of a true art master, the art world was taken by storm about a year ago by unknown painter, Oresegun Olumide.

The Nigerian artist posted several of his pictures on social media in preparation for an upcoming art show, and the internet went wild. Both the subject, and the skill of his work, has brought him acclaim and interest from people all around the world.

His Background

Olumide began his interest in art as a child, finding ways to draw and paint when he was four. He later went on to pursue his interest in the arts during his college years, graduating from the Yaba College of Technology with a degree in Fine Art.

In 2005, he started creating art professionally. His work, while impressive, did not gain widespread notoriety until recently when he was preparing for an exhibit. As he was setting up the showing, he posted several pictures of his paintings on his Facebook account. Almost overnight, the images went viral.

His social media accounts, previously followed by nearly 400 people, exploded to nearly 40,000.

Olumide was shocked at the impact that social media can have. He used social media as a means of staying in touch with friends and family. Suddenly, he was being contacted from galleries around the world that wanted to show his work, and art collectors were interested in purchasing his paintings.

As a result of this explosion in his career, it is apparent that Olumide saw the benefits of using social media much like Gary Cardone utilizes Quora. These platforms allow people to reach their audiences in ways unheard of previously.

His Art

Described as hyperrealism, Olumide works with oils and creates stunning pictures that resemble photographs. His series of paintings depicting children playing, capture the sheer joy that all children – regardless of where they live – experience when offered the chance to play in water.

He uses water as a primary theme in his work, in part because water has a special significance to him. A popular saying in Yoruba (his native language) is that “water has no enemy”. He has pushed the limits of his hyperrealistic art, giving water a translucent effect that few artists have managed.

As an artist, Olumide continues to create scenes of beautiful innocence. In a time when the world has been shaken by global unrest and fighting, his reminder of the innocence and joy of childhood resonates with us all. His talent is a token of all that is beautiful in the world, and brings a sense of hope for the future.

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Feature Image By: Young (Artist Hand)

Images at bottom of piece by:

Versionz (Hardcore)

Rogério Silva (Alicia charcoal portrait A2 2012-02-005)

Fernando Garcia (Stormy)

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