Nancy Towne-Schultz

Nancy Towne-Schultz As a child, Nancy Towne-Schultz loved to collect small-patterned papers and little treasures such as feathers, acorns, sea glass, seeds, and pods. Her mother was an avid shell collector, and she often accompanied her on collecting expeditions to Marco and Sanibel Islands.

Now this urge to collect papers and objects has resurfaced as an innovative addition to Towne-Schultz’s painting. The studio is her “lab”—she loves mixing media, trying new paint combinations, and playing with color. Recently, collage has added a whole new dimension to her craft. She describes the progress of her work as organic, a series of metamorphic stages which lead inevitably to the final creation.
Towne-Schultz was educated at the Philadelphia Institute of Fine Arts and Ohio Northern University.


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