Janice Lloyd Govaerts

Janice Lloyd Govaerts Janice Lloyd Govaerts and six of her studio mates founded the Loft Studios and Gallery and have been instrumental in fostering the lively arts scene in San Pedro’s historic downtown area.

Janice Lloyd Govaerts Govaerts grew up on the plains of Nebraska surrounded by vast open spaces. Very little interrupted the line of the horizon. She now lives in San Pedro, California, where, looking out from the cliffs at the edge of the earth, the horizon between sky and sea presents the same uncluttered line. Her paintings explore her inner connection with the space and place of her childhood and its relationship to the space of her current home.

Janice Lloyd Govaerts Govaerts also sculpts with clay, which is very much like making mud pies. Her mud pies have become quite large: guardian towers reach up to 6 1/2 feet tall.

Janice Lloyd Govaerts Govaerts’ work has been shown in private galleries and public spaces in Los Angeles, New Mexico, New York, Kansas and Michigan. Her work is in many private collections, including the Walker collection in Garnett, Kansas.

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