Jane Hammond

Jane Hammond was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1950. She earned her B.A. at Mount Holyoke College and subsequently successfully pursued two Master’s degrees – both in Fine Arts – first at Arizona State University then at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Since then Hammond has been a very active artist with works held in public collections in places as diverse as the Albertina Museum in Vienna, Austria to the Museo De Arte Contemporaneo in Mexico City to the Library of Congress and many other places across the United States.

She is part of numerous group exhibitions, including eight so far in 2014 and more on the way. She also has a history of holding many solo exhibitions at museums and galleries around the world.

Hammond’s most recent one-woman exhibition is “No Assembly Required” at the Sims Reed Gallery in London. A piece in the exhibit, Bulletin Board (Water Tulip), is composed of a variety of unique objects such as cotton thread, teddy bear eyes, cork paper, and rubber stamps. Together, these objects create an eclectic collage that grabs the viewer’s eye. It would take several viewings to absorb all of the details in this piece.

Though she is comfortable and trained in using classic methods and materials, Hammond is not confined to traditional materials and her work reflects that. Her pieces are colorful, nonlinear collections of thought. Famous icons are carefully juxtaposed with random objects in many of her pieces to create striking and whimsical works of art.

Hammond creates equally fantastical photographic prints. Her prints require viewers to look twice as all is not as it appears. Geishas popping bubble gum stand next to school girls untangling kites. Even without color, her photographic prints are sure to capture the imagination of the viewer.

She can also create works that have serious meaning in non-traditional formats. A famous series titled “Fallen” at first appears to be nothing but leaves. Upon closer inspection, however, the pile of leaves is riddled with names of military personnel who died in the line of duty. “Fallen” has exhibited across the country, including at the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, among others.

Jane Hammond has thus far had a long and successful career as an artist. She finds inspiration in everything from the natural world to maps to board games to popular culture and vernacular photographs.

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